My Track & Field Lifestyle

My topic is my Track and field lifestyle. I chose to select this topic because it is something that affects my life every day. I am a high jumper and my coach videotapes nearly every single jump I take. I also will be able to collect photos of my jumping, training, nutrition, etc. I will also be able to access videos and photos of others high jumping as well as training regimens. In unit 1 we will be doing adobe photoshop and I have many cool ideas to test out. One of my ideas is to photoshop myself jumping over Mt. Everest, I think it would be very cool and I would try to make it so that It looks as if Mt. Everest and the bar height look visually the same height. Another Idea that I have is to photoshop flames under the high jump bar so I am jumping over a pit of fire! A third Idea that I have is to photoshop the World Record high jump by Javier Sotamayor and have him jumping over Yao Ming. I also have many interesting ideas for using Adobe Premiere. My first idea is to do an “A day in the life” style video documenting my day here at WSU and what goes in to being a collegiate student athlete and specifically a high jumper. My next idea is to make a video detailing the habits of elite high jumpers. I would like to detail tips and tricks used by the worlds best high jumpers. This video would include diet, cardio, strength training, mental edge, high jump technique and how to keep your body in prime condition for the high jump. Another Idea is to make a funny video of a high jumper being chased and then high jumping over a fence. Overall, this topic allows me to be very creative.

Inspiration File


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