Graphic Design Project Rough Draft



Image Citations

For my graphic design project I wanted to make an infographic about the training regimen of a collegiate high jumper. My idea is to create a online brochure by adding a few more images to this and adding some text to explain what goes into high jump. I created this using the free version of photoshop on Ipad because my chromebook will not run photoshop at the moment. I created this image using just a few simple tools. First, obtaining all the images from the internet and then uploading them into the app. Next I selected all of them and used a collage effect to create a layered collage while adding an off white background. Next, I selected a crisp font and used the text tool to add a header. I wanted to chose a few pictures for this collage that encapsulate high jump training. There are 3 things that make a great high jumper. Speed(plyometrics and running), Strength(Weightlifting) and High Jump Technique and I wanted to include all three of those on the cover to this infographic. This relates directly to my topic because it is about my track and field lifestyle. There were a few things that I either had trouble with or would like to change. The first thing I believe I will change is that I would like to use pictures taken by myself and my teammates instead of basic stock photos. I would like to take photos of our training and put these in the graphic design project so readers can now exactly what I am doing. Also for my final draft I will need to use photoshop CC so that I will be able to make more intricate edits. Overall, I am very excited for this project and think it has a lot of potential.


2 thoughts on “Graphic Design Project Rough Draft

  1. Hello Beau,
    This project looks great so far! The way that you’ve arranged your images looks very clever; it allows you to fit a large number of photos into the space without looking cramped. I feel like your color choice helps this as well, as I feel that too many different colors might have left the piece a little distracting. I think the idea that you have for using your own original photos instead of the ones currently shown is excellent, too. If you’re considering adding more text, I would suggest placing it in the bottom left corner to create some symmetry or balance to the piece, as that space looks a little empty.
    Overall, this looks like a great job so far and I’d love to see you incorporate some original images into it!


  2. Hi Beau! This is a cool interest, the closest I get to exercise is playing Just Dance in my Livingroom. My first critique is to layer your pictures in the same order, your third picture is on top of the fourth and I think it would more aesthetic if the fourth was a whole picture. My next suggestion is that you put a different background behind your pictures. The white in the back makes your poster look very blank and I think something with a pattern would be good with maybe a darker color like grey. And the last thing is maybe change the text to something more bold so that it has the impact of what you’re trying to get across to the reader. I think this poster could end up really cool and motivational! Good luck and good job!


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