Graphic Design Project Final


In my final draft I decided to change my formate completely. Although I said I was going to take my own photos of me doing the exercises I opted only for a photo of me high jumping and photos of these guys doing these exercises with exempiliarily posture. I wanted to emphasize the high jump aspect of this by making that the center of attention. The reason I wanted to make this graphic Design Project is because I wanted to show what goes into making a good high jumper. There are three important aspects of developing the high Jump athlete. The first is speed which is shown in all 4 movements in the Project. They are all quick movements. The second is strength which are shown in all the weight bearing exercises. Strength times speed equals power and that is the most important thing for a high Jumper to have. The third and also very important aspect of high Jump is Technique. I used this picture of me jumping because It was one of the most technically sound jumps I have ever had. My Height is not in front of the bar or behind the bar and my head is looking back allowing for a proper arch. Eventually I would like to add to this and create a graphic Design piece for each of the three elements. I used some of the feedback that I got from my peers as well as my self. It needed A little more style so I opted to rotate the Images and go for a different style of collage. I also opted for a more stylish font. I believe that this was more visually appealing. I used Photoshop Premium for IPad to compose this. It worked well and has a pretty good interface. I plan to use Photoshop on PC from now on though.

Image Citations

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