Logo Draft


This is my logo draft for a company by the name of Greenscape. The premise of this company is that they go to different homes and businesses, schools, etc. This relates to my topic because it can be used to remodel training areas and make them more efficient and green.

I looked at a few different logos to get some inspiration for this. I am from Portland so I wanted to lay out the city. When you have a good view of the city you are able to see the Willamete River as well as Mt. Hood. To create the logo I first used the elipse tool. I held down shift and dragged so it would be a perfect circle. Next I moved to the mountains. I just used the normal pen tool to create the jagged peaks. Next I Used the text tool and selected the font and size I preffered and dragged it into the circle. Originally I was not planning on adding the river but I figured that would be a nice touch. I used the pen tool to create the river. Next, I wanted to create a compass around the logo. I used the line segment tool to make the small mars for all the directions. I just used the text tool and dragged it to the proper spot.

One of the issues that I ran into was coloring the river. I was not sure how to auto fill the color. I will have to learn how to do that on the final draft. All the elements of the logo were created in illustrator. For the final draft I would like to add a bit of shading to the mountains as well as the river. Also some of the compass markings are a bit off-center and that Is something I need to fix. Overall, I think I have a solid draft to create a captivating logo.


2 thoughts on “Logo Draft

  1. I think your draft so far looks very neat and clean. I really like the looks of it so far and I love that its based on Mt. Hood. My dad lives in Oregon and from where he lives you can see the mountain perfectly. So I can definitely envision Mt. Hood on your logo from my mind. I do agree with you that it needs color, because right now its very plain. I think maybe adding a little more to it too in order to bring more of the compass effect out could be beneficial. But I like how it looks right now and with a little color it is definitely final draft material. And on the small lines around the circle they aren’t very aligned with the circle so just straightening it up and cleaning it up a bit and it will be perfect!


  2. Beau, I think you’re onto something with your compass outline especially if you are doing a green theme.I really like what you have going. Having the directions is a really fine detail in your logo, I think it really makes it stand out. One thing I leave that is missing from your logo is more color. I believe you mentioned this in your blog post but maybe coloring in the river. you might want to also consider coloring in the background, the mountains that are behind the river to be exact. One thing you might want to consider is maybe the foreground of being green with white lettering so there’s grass or something instead of just an empty white space behind your company’s name “Greenscape.” I believe you are on to a really good start. with some fine tuning and some color you have a very good-looking company logo.


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