Logo Project Final


For my final logo draft I wanted to make this logo stand out more and really pop! I also wanted to take my peer feedback into consideration. Most of the comments said that I had a good structure but needed to add more lines and colors. I wanted something that really represented the company Greenscape well. To reiterate greenscape is a company that goes into other companies and evaluates how green their work environment is. After paying for a consultation. Greenscape can pay other companies to come in and work to change the features of the work environment that could be made more green. The possibilities are endless. I know this doesn’t relate directly too my topic but it could be used on gyms and athletic training facilities to make them more appealing! Whilst working on my final draft the first thing I wanted to add was color. I wanted to use the color blue. I filled in the river with dark blue and used the blob brush as well as the paint brush tool. Next I added a little depth to the mountains. I wanted to create the effect of snow capped peaks with glacial water trickling down into the river. I was inspired by the Aquafina logo. So I used the pen tool to make the snow line on the mountains. Next, I used some strokes to create an abstract portrayal of water coming down. I wanted to try something a little different, So I picked a unique stroke. Other changes I made were centering some of the line segments as well as text for the compass portion. The landscape in my project was inspired by the Willamete River in Portland as well as Mt. Hood. Portland is my hometown and I thought this would be really cool because they are such a green city! All the graphics in the logo were created by me using illustrator cs6.


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