Draft Audio Story

This audio file is related very closely to my blog topic. I chose to interview Peyton Fredrickson. Peyton is a high jumper at WSU. I asked him a few questions about the many aspects that go into becoming a successful high jumper. I first recorded a short inro giving a little background on Peyton and the theme of the interview. Next, I grabbed Peyton for an interview that took right around 60 seconds. I asked him questions about weight training, diet, high jump technique as well as the “mental side” of high jumping. The audio parts that I recorded were still pretty raw, so I had to go into Audition and do a little editing. Peyton repeated himself a few times, so I had to edit a few different words out. I find that the easiest way to edit out words is by using the razor-blade tool in conjunction with the zoom(time) tool if needed. There were also a few long pauses that I edited out with the razor-blade tool. These were pretty quick and simple fixes to make in audition. The one technical difficulty I encountered was because my time cursor was not set to 0:00 originally, when I saved the multitrack mixdown session, it did not save the entire track to the computer. I also had to find some inspiration for this interview. I used a pretty standard interview format. First introducing my interviewee and next asking him four set questions. I used a script but it was loose and I did not follow it precisely. I was inspired by a video done by Eastbay Magazine titled “Jesse Williams Interview”. This was a very well done interview with olympic high jumper Jesse Williams. For my final project I plan to add music and fade the volume in and out in difeerent spots. I will have to toy around with it to figure out how to make it sound right.



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