Final Audio Story

For my audio story, I did an interview with Peyton Fredrickson. Peyton is a high jumper at WSU who has jumped seven feet! I discuss the many aspect of becoming an elite high jumper with Fredrickson, such as, diet, strength training, technique and more. I did this interview in two different recordings and it took me a handful of takes to make it sound good. First, I recorded an intro giving a brief description of the interview and an introduction of Fredrickson. Next, I grabbed Fredrickson for an interview. I set up a script for him to look over beforehand so that he would be able to think of more focused and meaningful answers to my questions. Then, I went in a quiet room and interviewed him. I have to say that his responses were very thorough and made it easier on me. Obviously, the interview was not perfect. There were a handful of times where either of us used “um” or repeated a word. I edited out all of these that were obvious, but left a few small errors to make us seem a little less robotic. There were also many pauses that
I edited out using the razor tool in audition. There were not too many technical difficulties I encountered. For the most part the audition software is very intuitive. The one problem that I ran into was saving the multitrack mixdown when I had one of the tracks on mute. This was an easy fix, as I just had to export a new multitrack mixdown without the track muted. I changed a few things in my final audio story from my draft. The main thing I did was add music. I found a 10 second hip hop/jazz track that I thought blended well with the interview and put that as the intro and outro. I found this on a creative commons music website that I will link below. I also faded the volume in and out for a smoother effect. Unfortunately there was a technical error, so I was not able to get peer feedback. I did construct a self review though. I thought that my draft was solid but I needed to smooth out the interview a bit by using the razor tool as well as add music that was suitable to the style of the interview. These were the two big things and I was able to do both well. My inspiration for this video  was a video published by Eastbay Magazine on youtube entitled “Jesse Williams Interview”. Jesse Williams is a world champion high jumper from the United States and he discusses training among other things. This audio story relates directly to my topic of “Track and Field Lifestyle”.

Audio used: file:///D:/268690__tyops__hip-hop-sample-01%20(2).wav(accesed from


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