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0:00-37 Stretching(hip stretch, IT Band, important areas for high jump). Weightlifting clips, clean, frontsquat). Visualizing jump, etc. High jump starts with preparation. Both Mentally and Physically. Weightlifting, stretching and foam rolling and visualization are all tools that an elite high jumper uses to ensure that he achieves maximum performance.
0:37 -1:10 Repititions of jumps in slow motion and at different angles as well as drills After proper preparation a high jumper must put it to use. You must remember all your cues to have a technically sound jump in order to maximize your height over the bar. By time you are in a competition this should come easily because of the many many repititions that you have already taken in practice. All that is left to do is jump!
1:10-1:42Tour of training room, normatec. Contrast bath, yoga, somebody sleeping, more stretching and trainers in action Recovery is an aspect that many athletes often overlook. High Jumping is extremely taxing on the body and it is imperative that you invest time in proper rehab and recovery. The things I like to do are stretching, yoga, contrast baths as well as comprssion sleeves. But, the number one thing is giving your body time to rest and getting an adequate amount of sleep everytime. All these things will lead to less injuries and maximal performance.



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