Rough Draft Video Project

Fot my video project I wanted to do something that really encompassed my topic. I decided to highlight the three phases of jumping. Preparation, Competition and Recovery. In order to do this I videotaped my friend Madeline doing certain activities. I also imported a photo of myself and another WSU high jumper. I also imported a video of myself high jumping. I will admit this is still a raw edit and I need to make a few more changes to perfect it. I did utilize a handful of tools in Adobe Premiere though. I was able to use several tracks to have text appear over images as well as utilizing sequence. There are a few changes that I believe can make my video drastically better. The first is cropping some of my images and videos as well as importing the in higher resolution. Many of these are a bit small and for some reason show up grainy. I will try to re-import these images as well as crop them properly by using the effects on the top right. The next thing I plan on changing to my final is adding transitions. I want to have my final slide fade to black and use the dissolve transition on the rest of my slides. The next thing I want to do is add a music track. The song is titled “club foot” by Kaspian and I am not sure it is creative commons material. I also think that I will take some new video of someone who is a high jumper at WSU and replace it with Madeline. I believe that this will make my video more credible. I Overall, with these changes I think my video should end up pretty sweet! The video of me high jumping and picture in the closing credits belongs to me. The Immage of WSU High Jumper Trent Arrivey will be linked below.

Trent Arrivey

Video Link


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