Final Video Story

Background: For my final video story I wanted to do something that was comprehensive and related to all dimensions of my topic. I decided to do a video briefly detailing, in my opinion, the three most important aspects that go in to becoming a good high jumper. Training/Preperation, The Jump itself and Recovery. To do this I took clips of my friend Trevor, a pole vaulter at WSU who is proficient in all the same movements as high jumpers. I focused in on olympic style lifts and took 4 seperate takes to aqquire all the footage. For the jump itself, I imported my lifetime best jump to show what all this training and recovery goes into. I added in a few creatve commons images relating to high jump as well.

Revisions and Editing: Peer feedback as well as self-critique was very helpful on this project. I had so many critiques that I decised to start a new project in Premiere. The first change I made was making sure that all my photos and videos were to scale. I was having this issue until I went to lab and I learned that I needed the sequence to be set at 48 khz widescreen. I added both an audio track and a narration track. I used the razor tool to trim and move the narration track so it was in line with the video. I added 2 different types of transition to give the video a bit more depth. Something that I experimented with was slow motion. I slowed my video down by selecting he track and right clicking, then choosing to slow the video down to 60 percent.

Challenges: Even though, this software is very comprehensive, I did run into a few issues. The first issue I ran into was how to adjust the volume on an audio track. I ended up going online and watching a tutorial. I also ran into a few issues slowing the video of the jump down and matching it with the proper duration. The final challenge I ran into was when exporting the file, I did not realize that I had cropped about half the video out in the top right. Once I figured it out it was an easy fix with the razor tool!

Conclusion: I wanted this video to be simple and not have too many effects to distract from the video itself. I also wanted it to be very comprehensive and educational about my topic. I know there is not enough time to explain everything about high jump, but I believe I did a good job explaining in a brief amount of time.

High Jump VC: Brad Walker

Sheeran WSU headshot: Permission to use


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