Final Blog Reflection Post

My favorite project during the semester was the final video project. I liked it the most because I feel as if I was able to show off my topic better than any of the other projects. I was able to give a multi-faceted explanation of high jump in terms of high jumping itself and what goes into the jump(preparation). This was also the project that was most fun to edit. It did not feel like a chore like the photoshop and illustrator projects did.

I learned many skills in this course. Obviously, I learned the four adobe programs, but I also learned many computer skills. Some examples are using zip files, making folders and maintaining a website.

I am a business major, so I can almost guarantee that some of the skills I learned in this course will come in handy. Whether it be editing images for a marketing campaign or working to create a logo. I may also want to put together a professional personal website while looking for careers.

One skill that I would enjoy learning is putting together a business card. i think that this would be a pretty simple skill that would have real life applications.

I did use a few outside materials when I was working on certain tutorials and projects. One of my favorite youtube accounts was named AdobeHelp and they had very helpful and in-depth videos. I also used a few online blogs that troubleshoot. This way if you are really stuck you can get multiple opinions on the issue.

If I had to recommend this course to a friend I would make sure that they have a personal computer that will run the software. I had to use school computers and it made it kinda tough for me to get all the assignments done. All though the course is time consumingĀ  learned a lot and am glad I took it!


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