My name is Beau Sheeran, I am from Beaverton Oregon and attended Beaverton HS just outside of Portland Oregon and am currently in my second semester at Washington State University. I was born in Everett Washington and eventually moved to Beaverton. I have one sister. I also have an Australian Shepard named Kita. The purpose of this blog is to create and share content for communication 210 at WSU. I have many interests and hobbies . One of my biggest interests is Japanese. I took three years of Japanese in High School. My goal is to become bilingual by the time I graduate WSU. I am also a member of the track team at WSU. I am a high jumper and spend much of my time training. My favorite ways to stay in shape include Olympic Weightlifting, playing Basketball and high jumping. My goal is to qualify for the Olympic trials in the high jump. My major here at WSU is International Business, As I stated earlier I hope to become bilingual. By taking a foreign language as well as business and international affairs courses I hope to become very cultured and have the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people.